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People are complicated. 

HR shouldn't be.

About Us

About Us

BlackWhiteGray provides support to small-and medium-sized businesses through talent acquisition services, ongoing day-to-day management advice, HR infrastructure design, and the implementation of consistent practices that allow businesses to scale -- while keeping their own unique culture.


We believe in helping organizations develop HR practices that create supportive, high-performing teams and a great employee experience. We understand HR best practices, theories and concepts – and how to apply them in the practical ways that fit differently in different organizations.


We help provide clarity in complex situations: some things are black and white, but often the best HR solutions require a more nuanced approach.  


Talent Acquisition and Executive Search 

Finding the right talent requires working together with you to ensure a close fit: not simply the right skill set, but an individual who can contribute positively to the culture you want to promote. We assist organizations in defining and designing the roles they need, articulating the experience and characteristics needed to do the job, and then finding the people to fill those roles.

Build Infrastructure in Preparation for Growth or Change 

We identify and build a plan to implement the basic HR systems that a company needs to scale or shift – from the strategic to the tactical. For example, we partner with the management team to plan staffing, implement recruiting processes, introduce management skills training, create competitive compensation practices and performance management programs. We strengthen senior leadership teams with individualized coaching and tailored executive team experiences to position your senior people to lead change.

Increase HR Capacity and Capability 

We partner with existing HR teams to increase capacity and capability. We coach and mentor HR leaders and teams. And we help you design HR roles and develop, or find great talent to fill them.

On-Call HR

We’re available to answer your questions and provide advice, as you need it, across the full range of people practices. That may be guiding a manager through a difficult conversation, providing perspective on applying a best practice, answering a question about an employment regulation, or drafting an all staff communication. From everyday advice to a sudden emergency, we’re available.

Support Explosive Growth

Something big is about to happen – we help get the basics in place while you staff up quickly. We'll help you define roles, build-out the organization, source, interview and onboard new staff to build great teams – all while helping you ensure you're compliant with employment laws and regulations.


The BlackWhiteGray team partners with a network of HR professionals to provide the right resources at the right time.

Our Team

Linda Tepedino
Founder and Human Resources Consultant 

Linda is a senior human resources leader with experience implementing talent strategies and HR operations in the US, Europe and Asia. She brings extensive experience as a senior management team member during change initiatives with Consumer Reports, The New York Times Company, ThompsonReuters, and The Walt Disney Company, and as a mediator helping people to resolve conflict. She believes that aligned leadership teams and transparent practices are the cornerstone of successful business growth. Linda focuses on advising business leaders on everyday management, and supporting clients in developing strong teams, nurturing lasting cultures, and creating great employee experiences.

Linda holds a BA in Organization Development and Communication from NYU, and a certification in Conflict Resolution from Columbia University's International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR). She is a trained mediator and volunteers with the New York Peace Institute.

Kerry Gillich, J.D.
Employee Relations and Communications Consultant

As a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, Kerry created and implemented marketing strategies and programs in coordination with product management, sales, technology and division senior executives. During her time with the firm, she gained substantial experience with mergers and acquisitions. Other accomplishments included her work as one of three founders of a new bank-owned, independent LLC,, an online start-up for the CDO market. She was responsible for creation of the new brand, all web design and user experience, marketing materials and public relations. Previous to JPMorgan Chase, she worked at the New York Life Insurance Company and SCP Communications. 

Kerry earned a J.D. from Fordham Law School, and completed training in cross-cultural negotiation, mediation, and arbitration at Humboldt University Law School, Berlin, Germany. Prior to law school, Kerry earned a B.A. degree in English and a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Scranton.

Our Team

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People are complicated. HR shouldn't be.

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